Thursday, March 31, 2011

Knowledge is Power

KIng Abdullah Economic City, Saudi Arabia by Marshall Strabala
For some years of working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, I could now walk straight on the open road with peace in mind and without fear. Saudis are friendly and hospitable people. And I learned that through appreciation and understandings with their cultures and abiding the laws regulated in the Kingdom are the most important things to consider. And meeting these people with their unique customs, cultures and traditions and learning from them are exciting and memorable one and that is power!

Full story Knowledge is Power

Masturbation can Lower Risk of Prostate Cancer

Hand Job by krossbow
Hand Job, a photo by krossbow on Flickr.
Anthony Smith, the deputy director of the Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society at La Trobe University in Melbourne, was quoted saying, “The research could affect the kind of lifestyle advice doctors give to patients. Masturbation is part of people’s sexual repertoire. If these findings hold up, then it’s perfectly reasonable that men should be encouraged to masturbate.“

Full story Masturbation can Lower Risk of Prostate Cancer

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

How We Can Increase Our Earnings From Google Adsense

nickfox by irina slutsky
nickfox, a photo by irina slutsky on Flickr.
We worked hard to get the best contents of the article that we are going to share to people out there with the best tags included on it. Once the article is published, it is now the job of Google Adsense Team to crawl down into the article page. The Google Adsense Team will work down to spot the whole contents of the article and will assign and determine what ads to click to appear with the article that are related with the article contents.

Full story How We Can Increase Our Earnings From Google Adsense?

Sex Education -- the Last Part

USC FC education by lewisha1990
USC FC education, a photo by lewisha1990 on Flickr.
Children and youths should be taught how to cultivate values, virtues and how to admire them. All these should be integrated with sex education - to help them appreciate the beauty of sex as a gift of God to mankind in the context of marriage not from what they discovered from pornographic magazines and video shows.

Full story Sex Education -- the Last Part

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Advertisers Are Looking People to Tweet Their Ads

24 Hours Ad - Narcotics by The MK Shop
24 Hours Ad - Narcotics, a photo by The MK Shop on Flickr.
This is a short review of a site that help people to earn online from tweeting advertisers ads. Tweeting is a powerful approach used nowadays by many people around the world. And this method had become an online business too. This article will answer - how to earn money from tweeting ads from advertisers?

Full story Advertisers Are Looking People to Tweet Their Ads

One of The Many Reasons Why Poverty is Distinct Throughout The World

Christian Aid's Poverty can be eradicated poster by HowardLake
During the year 2010 you only worked for 58 days. What did you do for the 307 days? As I said this is not to be taken seriously but look at the computation - it gives you an idea for a change this coming 2011. Imagine that you spent more days on sleep and relaxation!

When I go deeper analyzing it, my brain started to react and arrived a conclusion that maybe this is one of the many reasons why POVERTY is distinct throughout the world!

Full story One of The Many Reasons Why Poverty is Distinct Throughout The World

Monday, March 28, 2011

Job for Private Detective

shadow detective services by Tom (hmm a rosa tint)
There are text messages roaming around which are purely jokes. Sometimes they make us laugh and provoke. But they are just jokes that we need not to be taken seriously, like this one. A man suspected his wife of seeing another man so he hired a private detective to watch his wife and report any activities that might develop.

Full story Job for Private Detective

Will You Plagiarize My Works

Untitled by Wild Iris Wool
Untitled, a photo by Wild Iris Wool on Flickr.
If you plagiarized my works, it is understood that you love my works. You love my silly thoughts and you love my stupidity.

Full story Will You Plagiarize My Works

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sex Education -- part Four

The Birds and the Bees by iantmcfarland
The Birds and the Bees, a photo by iantmcfarland on Flickr.
I believe that the best teachers ever produced in the world to teach the offsping are the parents either they are biological parents or an adoptive parent. The parents should be the first to draw the actions to teach the children about life and their sexuality and it will start at home.

Full story Sex Education -- part Four

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Ideas Come When I Don't Need Them

Ideas r Bulletproof by ieshraq
Ideas r Bulletproof, a photo by ieshraq on Flickr.
Ideas don't come on my way when I needed them. But when I don't need them, they come on bunch knocking my brain.

Full story Ideas Come When I Don't Need Them

Sex Education -- part Three

Biology Today, Masami Teraoka, ch. title page, Human Sexual Behavior by 50 Watts (formerly A Journey Round My Skull)
I consider High School as the most interesting phase of school life. On this stage new things and experiences are to be explored and to be enjoyed by young students. Also on this stage is the hot point for them to start to attract the opposite sexes.

Full story Sex Education -- part Three

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Article About Numbers Will Attract Heavy Traffics Too

Hypergrid Adventurers Club meet #30: Exploring giant geometric models and mathematics by John E. Lester
My article about numbers attract heavy traffics and still counting from the date it was published on March 6, 2011 and the tags I used here are just the common tags like - Alphabets, Life, Mathematics, Numerology, Paranormal, Society, Spirituality and Triond.

Full story Article About Numbers Will Attract Heavy Traffics Too

Bukisa is Now Accepting Contributions

Six Figure Blogging Income by Seth1492
Six Figure Blogging Income, a photo by Seth1492 on Flickr.
Finally Bukisa is now accepting contributions base from their new standards policies. All its members or the Bukisans can now submit their best articles.

Full story Bukisa is Now Accepting Contributions

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Significance of Roy G. Biv to People

Rainbow at Work by puuikibeach
Rainbow at Work a photo by puuikibeach on Flickr.
He is the most loved of all times but he is untouchable. He exists through out the different ages of times. He can influence our actions and emotions. He signifies peace and hope, orderliness, energy, creativity, harmony, wisdom and inspiration.

Full story The Significance of Roy G. Biv to People

Sex Education--part Two

Abortion kills children by utsfl
Abortion kills children a photo by utsfl on Flickr.
Some people said that SEX is the ultimate expression of love and no amount of education could change a person’s sexual behavior particularly that of the sexually active youth. If you will be asked – will you accept this reason and forget about sex education for our children and youths?

Full story Sex Education--part Two

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

How to Master Your Lessons Without Memorizing Them

Have desk, will write by Bright Meadow
Have desk, will write a photo by Bright Meadow on Flickr.
I am not suggesting you to do the same what I have done. But from my experience with this method, I learned and mastered the lessons so quickly without memorizing them. And I thought this might helps the students, parents, teachers, professionals, businessmen, women and other human beings to learn this formula I discovered.

Full story How to Master Your Lessons Without Memorizing Them


You look alike my Grandpa!

Grandpa by Hey Paul
Grandpa a photo by Hey Paul on Flickr.
I was with my peer at the Philippine Embassy here in Riyadh City, Saudi Arabia to apply for a new passport. At the main gate, the security guard confronted us for identification. My peer produced his driver’s license and the guard acknowledged it. Me handed my company ID in which my name was written in Arabic but the guard ignored it.

Full story You look alike my Grandpa

Monday, March 21, 2011

Hit DXN and Build a Better Tomorrow–part One

Reishi mushroom by frankenstoen
Reishi mushroom a photo by frankenstoen on Flickr.
DXN is a multi-level marketing business. It is already operating over 151 countries since in 1993 that started in Malaysia. It is a modern grocery store that promote "Good Health to the World" through its Wellness and Healthy Products, and it offers Business Opportunity to anyone regardless his/her profession and career.

Full story Hit Dxn and Build a Better Tomorrow–part One

Sex Education--part One

perspectives and problems by romana klee
Sex education for children and teenagers is one of my advocate subjects to tell the world that sex education should be taught to children, teenagers and even to adults – to correct misconceptions about sex.

Full story Sex Education--part One

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sizzling Butt

Lonely Cigar by Richard Faulder
Lonely Cigar a photo by Richard Faulder on Flickr.
One day, her sweet scent wraith
Through the place, like a haunting
And her fans grabbed her
Held her tightly around her neck
They kissed her lips and cheeks
Leaving them with luminous spits…

Full story Sizzling Butt

JOB versus DXN Business

em08 by dxndiamonds
em08 a photo by dxndiamonds on Flickr.
Job is only TEMPORARY. When an employee became incapacitated, he loses his job. His job cannot be transferred to his loved ones. There’s no financial freedom in job. He has no time freedom to enjoy and has a very limited growth.

Full story JOB versus DXN Business

Riyadh's Trek

what to do with riyadh's sand? by zbigphotography
Hidden Valley can easily charm you and let you believe that this place is not just a desert of sands, but also a place of beautiful rocks and mountains ready to be embraced and enjoy. Most amazing of all was the absence of running water, to bathe her for added beauty. A completely dry valley, but yet a surprisingly beautiful one!

Full story Riyadh's Trek

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Secret Sharer is a Hacker Who is Also a Triond User

collected stories of robert silverberg 1: secret sharers by cdrummbks
While browsing other Triond’s users pages, to look for some new-would-be-friends to add - I found John Watson at One of Triond Users Profile Page as one of his friends. When I clicked John Watson, I was propelled directly to his Triond’s page. But what surprised me – it was my own dashboard page. He’s not me but me is he! What the hell is going on here?

Full story My Secret Sharer is a Hacker Who is Also a Triond User

Monday, March 14, 2011

How to Spot Yahoo Spammers and Hackers

10 Things I noticed about the New Yahoo Homepage by Ivan Walsh
Yahoo spammers and hackers are using “Yahoo! Member Services “. Beware with these senders. They are not employees of yahoo. The yahoo member services employees will never send you email without using your yahoo email valid address.

Full story How to Spot Yahoo Spammers and Hackers

My Complete Name is Only 17 Letters But After I Spelled Them Out ItTotalled 89 Letters

Checkpoint Charlie by Jorge Lascar
Checkpoint Charlie a photo by Jorge Lascar on Flickr.
Phonetic Alphabets according to English Dictionaries and other Encyclopedias are often called Spelling Alphabets. It is used to spell out words when speaking to someone not able to see the speaker, meaning there are no visual cues which assist the listener. Giving one’s name over the telephone is a common scenario where a spelling alphabet is often used. It is not bad at all to learn and memorize the Phonetic Alphabets!

Full story My Complete Name is Only 17 Letters But After I Spelled Them Out It Totalled 89 Letters

How Do Numbers Tell Our Life Paths, Our Expressions and Our HeartDesires–last Part

Heart Desire by bixentro
Heart Desire a photo by bixentro on Flickr.
Our heart’s purpose is to manifest ideals into reality but usually such an endeavor means that we must be a catalyst for change. For this reason many who encounter us actually fear us as what we suggest and say is a threat to their emotional and physical security. However this does not usually bother us as we have an innate realization that without chaos there can be no personal transformations or betterment of society.

Full story How Do Numbers Tell Our Life Paths, Our Expressions and Our Heart Desires–part Five

Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Life of Chewing Gum is History

"Chewing Gum" Pasta by FotoosVanRobin
"Chewing Gum" Pasta a photo by FotoosVanRobin on Flickr.
Chewing gum has existed since the Neolithic period. A 5,000 year old chewing gum with tooth imprints, which was made of birch bark tar has been found in Kierikki, Yli-Ii, Findland. The bark tar of which the gums were made is believed to have antiseptic properties and other medicinal advantages. The ancient Aztecs used chicle as a base for making a gum-like substance.

Full story The Life of Chewing Gum is History

Heart Arrest Will Result Brain Injury and May Lead to Death

Massachusetts High School Seniors Create the Emergency Rescue Assistant by RDECOM
Arrested blood circulation prevents delivery of oxygen to the body. Lack of oxygen to the brain causes loss of consciousness, which then results in abnormal or absent breathing. If heart arrest goes untreated for more than five minutes, it will result brain injury and may lead to death.

Full story Heart Arrest Will Result Brain Injury and May Lead to Death

Sex Education for Children, Teenagers and Even Adults–part One

Comprehensive sex education by quinn.anya
For the past fifty years I am lively kicking off in this planet, I observe that every time a person heard and read the word SEX – he immediately defines it maliciously as sexual intercourse, foreplay or love-making with a sexual patner. Sex is also about all aspects of sexuality including: body image, sexual orientation, sexual pleasure, values, decision making, communication, dating, relationships and many more.

Full story Sex Education for Children, Teenagers and Even Adults–part One

Condoms Have Other Uses

Handing out condoms II by insouciance
Handing out condoms II a photo by insouciance on Flickr.
A condom is a barrier device most commonly used during sexual intercourse to reduce the probability of pregnancy and spreading sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea, syphilis, and HIV. It is put on a man’s erect penis and physically blocks ejaculated semen from entering the body of a sexual partner. But condoms have other uses – believe it or not!

Full story Condoms Have Other Uses

How to Manage Your Funds

Budgeting by RambergMediaImages
Budgeting a photo by RambergMediaImages on Flickr.
Anyone who plans to venture business should possess the knowledge on how to manage his money and other resources. He has to learn and improve his financial intelligence on how to making more money, protecting his money, budgeting his money, leveraging his money and to improving his financial information.

Full story How to Manage Your Funds

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The World Will Convulse with Lust, If You Do Away with Harlots

Amsterdam's red-light district by Rainer Ebert
Some people said never discuss topics about sex, politics and religions as they are very delicate subject topics. But I do not agree with their logics because – there are many issues that society are involved on sex, politics and religions. Example – today my topic is about Prostitution. It is defined as the act or practice of promiscuous sexual relations, especially for money. Several words are used for a woman and a man who engages in illicit sexual activity for pay, including HARLOT, whore and prostitute. This is an issue that people in general should know – why there are people have embraced prostitution? What our governments, religion and faith should do to stop prostitution?

Full story The World Will Convulse with Lust, If You Do Away with Harlots

Where to Find Ideas for Articles

Catholic priest with Holy Bible, vestments, statues, Puerto Vallarta Church, Jalisco, Mexico by Wonderlane
Some of us are asking Where do you get your article ideas rather than How do you think up article ideas - the person quizzing us is implying that there is a shop somewhere – known only to professional article writers – where we go to get ideas for articles. The truth is that article writers don’t need an idea shop. They are constantly churning over snippets of ideas in their heads, slotting together random thoughts and seeing what gels into the beginning of an article. They keep their eyes and ears open.

Full story Where to Find Ideas for Articles

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

How Do Numbers Tell Our Life Paths, Our Expressions and Our HeartDesires–part Three

Rusty Numerals by kevinspencer
Rusty Numerals a photo by kevinspencer on Flickr.
During my practice with numbers for my expression, I arrived a number which is 9. This number describes my potential natural talents and abilities. The process is not complicated and is easy to follow for those who will have the interest to play with numbers by using his/her birth name and I learned that all the letters of the English Alphabet from “A” to “Z” can be turned into numbers as well as all the letters in our name at birth. The numbers I used here are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 as shown on my expression chart with the descriptions under it.

Full story How Do Numbers Tell Our Life Paths, Our Expressions and Our Heart Desires–part Three

Let Me Google That for You

Google search by adria.richards
Google search a photo by adria.richards on Flickr.
This is awesome. Imagine if you are a blogger/writer and presently writing an awesome article to be submitted to paying sites, this search engine can help you check out if the title you used on your article has already used by other bloggers and writers and at the same time you can also check out and compare if the contents of your article are the same with those articles provided to you by “Let me google that for you“.

Full story Let Me Google That for You

I am Learning from Numbers--part Two

Number twenty-two have different meanings in diferent subjects of learning such as 22 in mathematics, physics and chemistry, religion, numerals, sports, music, journalism, literature, fashion, art, film and television, weights and measures, computing, technology, photography, politics, jargon aside from astrology, palmistry and numerology.

Full story I am Learning from Numbers--part Two

How Do Numbers Tell Our Life Paths, Our Expressions and Our HeartDesires–part Two

For those who were born with the Life Path number 22 are considered to be the more powerful and the wiser of the two master numbers (11 and 22). Sometimes number 22’s are called the master builders in life as they are capable of imagining and then creating the huge systems and networks that support the very fabric of civilization. It is usually a 22 that is the propelling force when it comes to shifting the consciousness of great masses of people or improving the life quality of millions of people.

Full story How Do Numbers Tell Our Life Paths, Our Expressions and Our Heart Desires–part Two

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Learning Will Heal Our Hearts, Homes and Nations

Mostly of us love to learn. No matter how old we become, we can acquire knowledge and use it. We can gather wisdom and profit from it. We can grow progress and improve and in the process – strengthen the lives of those within our circle of influence.

Full story Learning Will Heal Our Hearts, Homes and Nations

I am Learning from Numbers--part One

Number 22 by mattjiggins
Number 22 a photo by mattjiggins on Flickr.
Numbers are mathematical object used to count and measure. In addition to their use in counting and measuring, numerals are often used for labels, for ordering, for coding and they can also tell our life paths, expressions and our heart desires. This topic is long, so I decided to write it by parts and will start on Life Path.

Full story I am Learning from Numbers--part One

Artificial Respiration is a Technique for Rescue Breathing

Mouth to mouth artificial respiration by Marcin Wichary

Artificial respiration is defined as the act of assisting or stimulating respiration – a metabolic process referring to the overall exchange of gases in the body by pulmonary ventilation, external respiration, and internal respiration. This is use for a person who has ceased due to choking and electric shock.

Full story
Artificial Respiration is a Technique for Rescue Breathing

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