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511 Days to Write My First 200 Articles

Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

Image by Paul L McCord Jr via Flickr

For over a year now I am writing at Wikinut, I honestly can tell you that the site is an awesome place for your online writing activities. The site will pay for your awesome articles to share on their site but you have to see to it that they are originally written by you. All articles submitted for publication are moderated by real people. I even considered Wikinut as an Institution for Learning. From the time I started sharing my articles with the site, I have observed that my writing has improved drastically. So far, I have already published at least 200 articles on their site. The below is a summary of the 200 articles published at Wikinut – if you have the interest to read them – they are open for your visits, views and comments.

Articles about Saudi Arabia – this includes my personal experiences in the Kingdom.

  1. Saudi Arabia is Robustly Standing Among The Super Powers
  2. Saudi Arabia Tourist Destinations: 81 Years in Progress and Prosperity
  3. How to Avail Credit Card in Saudi Arabia
  4. Non-Muslims in Saudi Arabia Celebrate Christmas Too
  5. Riyadh's Trek
  6. You look alike my Grandpa!
  7. Another Place To Hang On---Riyadh City, KSA
  8. A Remnant Of Its Past Glory--Old Diriyah--Riyadh, KSA
  9. An Early Ramadan Gift
  10. Away From Home
  11. Things that Count
  12. By Then I Realize That The Real Problem is...I am Not American
  13. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Combats Electronic Crimes
  14. The Goal of Saudization is a Win-Win Solution for The Jobless Saudis
  15. The Aftermath of Saudization
  16. The Importance of a Residence Permit in Saudi Arabia
  17. The 4R Strategy to Control Industrial Waste in The Kingdom
 Riyadh Sunset_17 Articles about business, business opportunities such as:
  1. JOB versus DXN Business
  2. The Concept of Wise Consumerism
  3. New Update Plan On DXN Membership
  4. Some Simple Strategies On Online Prospecting
  5. Why Is Change Needed?
  6. Hit Daxen and Start Building a Better Tomorrow--part One
  7. Hit Daxen and Start Building a Better Tomorrow--part Two
  8. Hit Daxen and Start Building a Better Tomorrow--part Three
  9. How Kiss and Form are Use in Business
Articles about writing – this includes personal experiences, humor, guides, tips, jokes, true stories, short stories, funny stories and poetry such as:
  1. Sizzling Butt
  2. My Fancy World
  3. Leaves are like Ideas
  4. Lodestar of Life
  5. Internet could be a Den of Crimes
  6. Unity Sweeps to Victory
  7. Venomous Snake is a wonderful Pet
  8. Learn from a Tutor
  9. Ways To Get Traffic And Exposure
  10. How Do Cats Make Love?
  11. When Writing Article Consider The Value Of 5Ws
  12. Forever Young
  13. Your Love Is Forever In My Heart
  14. How Proud are You with Your Religion?
  15. The Most Precious Thing God Bestowed Upon Us
  16. The Magic of Camera
  17. Love was the Wedding Authentic?
  18. I was Cheated
  19. Mrs.. Palmer Complains
  20. Confession from a Mormon Preacher
  21. The Eerie Gift
  22. Five Haiku for Mother Nature
  23. I am Learning from My Mistakes
  24. Wikinut--My Thoughtful Buddy when I am alone
  25. My Wikinut Pages Views are Tremendously Increasing Compare to other Paying Sites
  26. My 2010 Year in Blogging with Wordpress
  27. What Our Wikinut Points Tell About Us?
  28. Sow Tears First Before You Can Reap Joy
  29. Job for Private Detective
  30. Condoms Have Other Uses
  31. 7 Reasons Why an Article is Rejected
  32. Plagiarism is Not a Crime Compared to Copyright Infringement
  33. Tags Could Become an Awesome Article Too: How to Tailor Them
  34. Where to Find Ideas for Articles
  35. Blessings from My Hard Works
  36. How to Turn Your Articles into Photo Blogging
  37. Life Without Dreams is Boring and Dull
  38. How to Produce Personal Profile that Sells
  39. Today I am Sharing the Joy to Wikinut and the World
  40. You Can Share Your Original Articles First Published at Wikinut to Triond Site
  41. Ways to Promote Old Published Articles: Ten Neglected Virtues
  42. Do not Leave an Issue Unsettled: Duplicated Text is Not Accepted at Hub Pages
  43. Internet is a Vast Place for Your Online Income
  44. Proof that Triond's Detector Could Not Distinguish The Difference Between Original and Duplicate Contents
  45. Common Words with Special Meanings
  46. Wikinut Helps Expand My World Connections and Status
my latest pic Articles about health, general health, wellness, managing health care, alternative medicines, diseases and infections, diet and nutrition such as:
  1. King of Herbs---Hari ng Halamang-Gamot
  2. DXN Myco Veggie--The Diet that will end all Diets
  3. You Gauge Me Rubbish
  4. Is Genital Mutilation a Human Right Violation?
  5. If there is Awareness and Will, Pollution can be Controlled
  6. The Significant of Kilograms or Weigh Scales and a Meter
  7. Alternative Remedy to Cut Prostate Cancer Risk
  8. Heart Arrest Will Result Brain Injury and May Lead to Death
  9. Natural Alternative 4111 Formula to Boost Libido
  10. What Causes a Man and a Woman to Become Sterile
  11. Is Coffee a Healthy Drink
  12. Vita Cafe for The General Health and Well Being
Article about religion and other affiliations:
  1. Remarkable Religions in Philippines
Articles about columns and opinions such as:
  1. What Is Wrong With Prostitution?
  2. The Truth Hurts
  3. Hell Is Just Around Us, No Other Place To Go
  4. What Osama Bin Laden Up to Now
  5. Osama Bin Laden Wrote His Autobiography Using Human Blood
  6. Wikinut Writers are Entrepreneurs: Defining Needs and Wants
  7. Applying Fraud Destroys Your Credibility and Reputation as a Writer
  8. How Far We Can Express of Our Freedom of Expression as Writers on Taboo Contents
  9. Is It Worth to Sue Someone for Breaching Your Copyright
Articles about news and entertainments such as:
  1. American Idol Season 8 Adam Lambert Is Blocked in 66 Countries
  2. A Friendly World Poetry Contest at Facebook
  3. Peace, Unity and Friendships Could be Achieved through the Power of Poetry
  4. Want to Know Your World Status and Connections
  5. The Pride of Pakistan: Two Women Fighter Pilots
Articles about family, parenting, teenagers, education, languages, relationships such as:
  1. Cheating Cannot Be Stopped But We Can Help To Reduce It
  2. Vital Ingredients to Prosper an Ideal Relationship
  3. Women Deserve My Respect And Love
  4. The Value of 5Ws to Master the Lessons without Memorizing Them
  5. Sex Education--part One
  6. Sex Education--part Two
  7. Sex Education -- part Three
  8. Sex Education -- part Four
  9. Sex Education -- the Last Part
  10. Interesting Word to Rate Your Reading Skills
TheBusinessSchoolForPeopleWhoLikeHelpingPeople Articles about money, money saving tips, making money such as:
  1. You Don’t Need to be an Accountant to Manage Your Money
  2. Thank You Lord for the Blessings--My Christmas Gift
  3. Where does Google Ad Sense base Their Ads?
  4. Tweeting Earns Money
  5. Fruits From Hard Works--190$ Cents
  6. Will You Sell Your Tomorrow Through Credit Card
  7. Increase Your Income by Cutting Your Expenses
  8. Reasons Why The Rich Get Richer
Articles about history, culture, social trends, nature, plants such as:
  1. December's Treasure
  2. The Tree with Thousands Uses
  3. I am Proud Pinoy
  4. Rose means to Remember
  5. Happy Returns of the Months
  6. Thomas Edison and His Light Bulb: What Made Him Rich and Famous
  7. How to Avoid Bashing at a Community Group
Articles about reviews of websites, social networks, book marking sites, web marketing, emails, blogs and blogging such as:
  1. Google Online Translation Service Needs Improvements
  2. My Wikinut Page Views Break My Wordpress Records
  3. Maximize Your Use Of Facebook
  4. Professionally, We can Deal Spammers and Scammers without Hurting Them
  5. The Media Law is One-Sided
  6. Our Wikinut Pages are Another Amazing Traffics Generators
  7. Would You Like to Become a PTC Victim?
  8. Ways to Get Views and Increase Wikinut Points
  9. Sitting On Your Chair With Your Underwear Earns Money--But Beware Of Scams
  10. Eat Shawarma When It Is Hot
  11. Two Hosting Sites for Blogging Hobbies and Making Money Online
  12. One Push of a Button, Our Articles can Reach to Thousands of People as Fast as Lightning
  13. Another Exciting Business Opportunity for Everyone
  14. A Short Review About Factoidz
  15. Bukisa is Now Accepting Contributions
  16. An Awesome Feature of Google: Let Me Google That for You
  17. The Top Ten Twitter Users
  18. Parity of Phishing to Fishing
  19. Google is Tracking and Indexing Acknowledgments of Individual Content Creators
  20. Why Twitter is Insisting That It is Not a Social Networking Website
  21. Why Stumbleupon Refused Webupon
  22. Eight Ways to Attract Crawlers and Readers
  23. Following Google Panda's Advice We Can Avoid His Robust Dropkicks
  24. The Effects of Google Panda to Online Publishers
  25. Google+: The Biggest Rival of Facebook
  26. Wikinut Had Become The Most Visited Site
  27. How to Make Money With Affiliate Programs
  28. Wikinut Stays on Top and Yet No Other Sites Break Its Views Records
  29. Maximize The Use of StumbleUpon for Articles Sharing
  30. Creating a Blog Site is The Same When Writing an Awesome Article
  31. A Short Review About Expertscolumn
  32. Fire Prevention Should be Observed Through Out The Whole Year Round
  33. An Amusing Internet Game for The Masses: Dragons of Atlantis
  34. IMAutomator Promotes Sites and Articles Free
  35. Odiogo Turns Your Blog Into Audio
  36. Mark Zuckerberg and The Giant Social Network
  37. Delicious for Storing, Sharing and Discovering Web Bookmarks
  38. Blog a Place to Acquire New Knowledge and Skills
  39. In Eight Steps You Can Create Your Blog
  40. Factoidz is Working Hard to Attract More Writers
Articles about cracking the short story – tips and guides such as:
  1. Cracking The Short Story--Part One
  2. Cracking The Short Story--Part Two
  3. Cracking The Short Story--Part Three
  4. Cracking The Short Story--Part Four
  5. Cracking The Short Story--Part Five: Dialogue One
  6. Cracking The Short Story--Part Six: Dialogue Two
  7. Cracking The Short Story--Part Seven Description
Article Reel Blog Video Articles about science, math and numbers, numerology such as:
  1. I am Learning from Numbers--part One
  2. I am Learning from Numbers--part Two
  3. I am Learning from Numbers--part Three
  4. I am Learning from Numbers--part Four
  5. I am Learning from Numbers--part Five
  6. I am Learning from Numbers -- the Last Part
  7. How to Calculate Your Exact Age?
  8. What Did You Do During The Year 2010?
  9. 6+5 Equals 9
  10. Everybody Loves Math
Articles about philosophy, logic, Ethics, reasoning such as:
  1. Love Will Heal Our Hearts, Homes and Nations
  2. Honesty Will Heal Our Hearts, Homes and Nations
  3. Morality Will Heal Our Hearts, Homes and Nations
  4. Civility Will Heal Our Hearts, Homes and Nations
  5. Learning Will Heal Our Hearts, Homes and Nations
  6. Forgiveness and Mercy Will Heal Our Hearts, Homes and Nations
  7. Thrift and Industry Will Heal Our Hearts, Homes and Nations
  8. Gratitude Will Heal Our Hearts, Homes and Nations
  9. Optimism Will Heal Our Hearts, Homes and Nations
  10. Faith Will Heal Our Hearts, Homes and Nations
  11. Education and Learning Can Also Be Achieved Outside School
Articles about celebrities, people, music, performers, artists, singers, authors such as:
  1. Singing--My Way to Stardom
  2. Charice Pempengco the Most Talented Girl and Most Sensational Young Diva in the World
  3. The Significance of Friday for Prince William, Ms. Catherine "Kate" Middleton and Pruelpo
  4. What Made Charice Pempengco a Superstar for Standing Ovations
  5. Trivia About The Filipino Superstar Nora Aunor
  6. America: The Land of Milk, Honey and Left-handed Presidents
  7. Robert T. Kiyosaki Inspires People to Hit Their Dreams Come True
  8. Today The Poet, Author and Literary Critic is Born--Edgar Allan Poe
It took me approximately 511 days to write my first 200 articles at Wikinut under the following categories: Articles about Saudi Arabia, Business, Writing, Health, religion, Opinions, News, Family, Money saving tips, History, Reviews, Fiction writing, Science, Philosophy and Celebrities. it took me Five Hundred Eleven days looking for ideas and additional information to support my articles. I can say, I passed the test and now it is about time to CHEERS!

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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Happy Holidays: Trivia About Jesus Christ: Innocents Day

King's College Chapel, Cambridge

Image via Wikipedia

It is believed that the birth date of Jesus is December 25 but it is not considered to be an important issue among mainstream of Christian denominations; rather, it is about celebrating the coming of God into the world in the form of man to atone for the sins of humanity which is considered to be the primary meaning of Christmas.

Some trivia about the birth date of Jesus Christ and some interesting events happened after he was born. What we read from the Holy Bible and from Encyclopedias about His birth date are merely estimated dates of birth. An event that happened during that period will answer why - almost two weeks after Jesus Christ was born, Joseph and Mary brought Jesus to a certain place for the child circumcision.

Before the circumcision was initiated, Joseph and Mary were asked about the name of the child - it was Joseph who replied, "Jesus." And then the circumcision followed by using a very sharp knife because at that time there was no scissors yet and no anesthesia. And Jesus had cried vehemently of great pains. After the circumcision was done, the couple left the place and headed to Bethlehem, Judea’s census section to register Jesus. However, Joseph and Mary immediately left the place and went home when they spotted that some soldiers sent by King Herod - instructing the census people to include the names of all children, their parents and date of births of all children born during that certain period. This will answer why there was no record about Jesus Christ's birth date.

Who advised Joseph and Mary to go to Egypt? In Mathew 13 - an angel appeared to Joseph in a dream and said, "Get up, take the child and his mother and escape to Egypt. Stay there until I tell you, for Herod is going to search for the child to kill him."

But in other source, it was the three magi who warned Joseph and Mary to leave the place immediately and go to Egypt. The event went like this: When Joseph and Mary got home; the three magi were waiting for them inside the house. When they saw the child, they bowed and worshiped him. Then they opened their treasures gifts of Gold, Incense and Myrrh and presented them to the couple for the child. Then before they left the place - the three magi warned Joseph and Mary to leave the place immediately and go to Egypt to avoid from King Herod's wrath.

What pushed King Herod to kill all the children of Bethlehem who were two year old and under in accordance with the time he had learned from the three magi? There are reasons to explain about the event such as:

The three magi have failed to report to King Herod about the child and the place where Jesus was born. The three magi returned to their country by another route. King Herod believed that his power as the King for Jerusalem is forever. He did not want that a child would replace him as the new king so, he ordered his soldiers to kill all the innocents children to avoid the loss of his throne to a newborn King of the Jews whose birth has been announced to him by the Magi. Now Christians are also commemorating the Innocents Day in different dates December 27, 28 and 29 every year.

About the Author visit: Dream big and don’t stop without giving it a chance to come true.

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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

How Do Christians Celebrate Christmas in KSA

Filipino-Bibinka-image-via-Wikipedia As a matter of fact, Christians can exercise their faith in the Kingdom this include Christmas celebration. However, they cannot exercise it publicly instead, they should observe it inside the home or inside the Embassies, Consulates or in a chosen safe place.

Christians are members of different groups of faiths under the umbrella of Christianity such as Catholics, Lutherans, Anglicans or Baptists, Fundamentalist Christianity, Pietism, Evangelicalism, Pentecostalism, Holiness movement, United and uniting churches, Restoration Movement, Jesus is Lord, Christ the King, Church of Christ, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and many more.

There are many ways how Christians celebrate Christmas in the Kingdom such as:

  • Dancing Party by invitation
  • Eating Party by invitation which is my favorite
  • Mass Prayers - administered by some Christians Ministers
  • Beauty Pageant
  • Parlor Games
  • Singing Competition aside from Karaoke and Videoke
  • Exchanging of Christmas Gifts
  • Beach Party - started on the 24th of December to Christmas day
  • Visiting some of the Kingdom's Treks
  • Malling - to spot Big Sales during this season and many more
  • Chatting with family on Internet

When it comes to food for Christmas - anyone can prepare all types of food that he wanted to eat on Christmas. Almost all are here except pork. From all types of cakes, sweet and pastries to Kakanin that includes Bibinka and Poto-Bongbong for the Filipinos are available in the Kingdom.

So Christians celebrate Christmas wherever they maybe in many ways!

About the Author visit: Dream big and don’t stop without giving it a chance to come true.

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